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'Mark My Papers'


Mark My Papers is an independent marking service. We use highly regarded schools and independent tutors to assess your child's work and give detailed feedback.

All our markers have experience of the main examination boards, Edexcel, OCR, AQA and CAIE so you can be confident that we understand the assessment objectives of each and every paper. This is especially important for English Language, English Literature, History, Religious Studies and Geography.

Our aim is to boost your grades throughout your educational journey.


Your Anonymous

Perfect for those who need a little extra help - home educating parents, secondary schools, self motivated teenagers...
Scan your essays or past papers and send for marking to be returned with a grade and/or detailed feedback.

Independent Teachers & Schools
Experience of Main Examining Boards
Totally Anonymous
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How Does It Work?

You simply scan your work and send it to us. We aim to return it to you with full feedback within seven days but quite often we are much quicker. If you don't know which paper to choose we can set an assignment for you.
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1. Scan your work
2. Email it to us
3. It is marked and graded
4. Returned via email with full feedback

Home Education

“Reaching your child's
full potential”

For parents who choose home education we understand the responsibility this decision brings.

Without a tutor it is impossible to know that you are on track and that your child is receiving enough help to gain good grades.

We can help your child progress through Key Stages Two and Three, on to GCSE or International GCSE and beyond to A Level.

Let us give you reassurance that your child is reaching their full potential.

GCSE, International GCSE & A' Level

GCSE and International GCSE

We have access to teachers who can mark and fully assess all mainstream GCSE and International GCSE subjects for your child. Our detailed feedback enables children to progress with confidence.
Just contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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A' Level

Many regard the move to A' Level as a daunting step along the educational path. We can assess your child's work and ease the transition from GCSE and International GCSE with constructive feedback giving tips and guidance.
Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Key Stages Two and Three

Key Stage Two

We can help your child by offering full assessments at Key Stage Two - reading, writing, mathematics and science. You may want termly reassurance or just occasional peace of mind from our 20 teaching specialists who are experts on primary education.
Just contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Key Stage Three

As your child reaches secondary school age we are able to assess their progress across the full curriculum.
Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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GCSES & A' Levels

We are now able to accommodate school marking for GCSES and A' Levels. If you are a school wishing to farm out your marking due to over burdening of staff or simply to have an independent opinion with mock exams or individual pieces of work, please contact us.

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'The Anonymous Tutor'

Mark My Papers gives your school the chance to have mocks marked by an anonymous third party, bringing a new dimension and fresh opinion to mocks and other exams. All our markers have experience of marking for the main boards and we are able to offer individual analysis or an overall viewpoint on each cohort as a whole. Contact us now to see how we can help you.

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“I would just like to say how helpful it was to have the team at Mark My Papers mark my daughter's CAIE English Language International GCSE papers. The fast turnaround made it so much easier and the tips were really helpful, especially as we live in the USA”


“The constructive and detailed feedback is very much appreciated and I am certain it is going to be helpful!”